Information for Buyers

You should be aware of some other costs in addition to the price of a home. Some of these costs are one-time payments, while others represent continuing monthly or yearly payments.

Home Inspection

Inspection service covers (Roofing, Exterior, Interior, Foundation, Structure, Electrical, Plumbing system, Heating system, and etc.)

Down Payment

The size of a down payment can vary. Down payment would likely be 5 – 10% of the purchase price. (The down payment is agreed upon between the buyer and the seller.)

Property Transfer Tax

Property Value Fee
Up to $55,200 0.5%
$55,200 – $276,200 1.0%
$276,200+ 1.5%
For more information, please consult the Quebec Property Transfers Duties Act in the CCQ.
Municipalities can set a rate higher than 1.5% on any bracket over $500,000. However, the rate cannot go above 3%. These brackets are applicable for 2023; each year, the tiers are updated based on inflation measured via Quebec CPI. Note: You may use our Land Transfer Calculator to estimate your required property transfer duties for Quebec; however, the final value must be confirmed with your notary.

Property Taxes

After the tax due date (most lower mainland areas taxes are due on the 1st business day in July) you will be required to pay a portion of the taxes for the balance of the year. This also applies to utilities (water, sewer & garbage) if they are billed separately from the property taxes.


Here is no mortgage fee and information will be provided by a mortgage broker .

Appraisal fee

When you apply for a mortgage. Your lending institution will ask for an appraisal to appraise the property you about to purchase.

Property Insurance

Insurance on your home covers the replacement value. For single family homes, the lending institution will require written proof of fire insurance coverage.

Legal Costs

Legal costs can vary. A lawyer/notary should review every real estate transaction. Fees are determined by lawyer/notary. When requesting a quote, it’s important for the buyer to understand what is or is not included. The costs that are usually included in a quote are professional fees, land title search and registration fees and miscellaneous office disbursements. Taxes are usually added to fees and disbursements as with other services and products.

Survey Certificate (If required)

Survey Certificate maybe required in a sale of a property, when you purchase a resale home. Survey Certificate is a drawing that shows the lot lines and size, as well as the “improvements”, fences and other man-made objects, which see any history changes to the home and property.

Moving costs

Costs are determined by the moving company. Price can vary depending on time.

For Strata Homeowner

Form A – Certificate of Full payment of Maintenance Fees to confirm that strata fees are paid up to date.

Insurance Certificate – confirmation of insurance coverage on buildings & common property

Some strata may require you to pay a move-in fee.

The other costs once you have purchased your home:

Mortgage Payment

Property Taxes

Servicing, Maintenance or Repair your home

Homeowner’s Insurance

Utility Service charges (Cable, Telephone Services, Electricity, Gas Services, and Water)

Strata maintenance Fees (For Strata Homeowner)

These comments are for information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

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